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Wednesday, April 17, 2002  

Tereza Demoody Thrown in Jail

Self-proclaimed heiress, socialite, doctor, and philanthropist Tereza Demoody, who for several months lived in the penthouse suite of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia while conning wealthy acquaintances and racking up unpaid bills, spent last night in a jail north of the city.

Demoody, accused of swindling a Main Line real estate executive out of $80,000, along with several other counts of fraud, arrived 45 minutes late for yesterday's scheduled hearing because she couldn't come up with the money needed to pay her attorney. The judge responded to the defendant's tardiness by ordering Demoody, who previously had been released on her own recognizance, to post $10,000 of her $100,000 bail.

Unable to post bail, it's no surprise that Demoody cannot find an attorney. Charles Peruto Jr. said he decided not to represent her. "She promised me everything under the sun," Peruto told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "and she didn't deliver."

Demoody is what we like to call "a piece of work." Before her arrest, Demoody lived in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, drove two Jaguars, and claimed to be a doctor. Demoody also was fond of telling people she donated $240,000 to the Philadelphia's new Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. She actually lives in a small row house in Northeast Philadelphia and declared bankruptcy in 1999.

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