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Tuesday, May 14, 2002  

From The Rittenhouse Review

Below are links to 10 recent articles on the web, primarily related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the we recommend to readers of The Rittenhouse Review.

"Who You Calling Terrorist?"
By Hossam Sharkawi
Toronto Globe & Mail
May 14, 2002

"'Gender Equity' in the Classroom"
By Dan K. Thomasson
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
May 14, 2002

"The Hawk in the Wings"
By the Editorial Board
Boston Globe
May 14, 2002

"On Atta, Prague and Iraq"
By Robert Novak
Chicago Sun-Times
May 13, 2002

"Netanyahu: No Terrorist State on the West Bank"
A Speech by Benyamin Netanyahu
Reprinted at
May 14, 2002

There is a Solution to This Filthy War--Foreign Occupation"
By Robert Fisk
The Independent (London)
May 8, 2002

"Destruction of Hope Goal of Israeli Rampage"
By Rosemary Radford Reuther
National Catholic Reporter
May 10, 2002

"No Exit"
By Amos Elon
New York Review of Books
May 23, 2002

"Israel's Black Propaganda Bid Falters"
By Robert Fisk
The Independent (London)
May 9, 2002

"Arrest of Settlers With Explosives Sparks Fear of Jewish Underground"
By Gil Sedan
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
May 14, 2002

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