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Monday, May 13, 2002  

Norman Liebmann of

This week we are awarding the John Derbyshire "I'm Proud to be a Racist" Award to Norman Liebmann.

If you haven't heard of Liebmann, and we wouldn't be surprised if you haven't, he writes a column for, a right-wing web site that mixes articles by various well-known columnists with advertisements for a bunch of fly-by-night companies that can't cough up enough money to run an infomercial on Lifetime TV at 3:00 a.m.

We are not certain when, how, or why Liebmann became a columnist, nor when, how, or why anyone, let alone, decided to take him seriously.

What we do know is that Liebmann has two obsessions. First, the Clinton family, including former President Bill Clinton, his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), and daughter Chelsea Clinton, all of whom are on the receiving end of an endless series of psychotic rants, even nearly 18 months after President George Bush took office. And second, Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims of any nationality or citizenship, who in Liebmann's mind are sub-humans worthy of nothing other than humiliation and degradation.

By way of background, we feel compelled to point out that Liebmann has no credentials relevant to his current hobby whatsoever. According to, Liebmann is a former television writer who worked for Johnny Carson and Dean Martin, wrote and produced "Chico and the Man," and created the characters for "The Munsters." describes Liebmann as "a brilliant and insightful columnist/humorist." Better yet, advises: "Please visit his Web site, Firehat, a treasure trove of Clinton- and media-bashing." (FYI: Readers wishing to engage Liebmann in a dialogue can reach him at

Liebmann's diatribes against the Clintons are of the usual type, not unlike those regularly published by Lucianne Goldberg, The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, Andrew Sullivan, and Kenneth Starr.

His harangues against Arabs, however, are of a slightly more unusual sort. Few columnists in the U.S. or Europe, other than National Review contributing editor John Derbyshire, are as blatantly, happily, and unselfconsciously racist as Liebmann. In fact, The Rittenhouse Review believes Liebmann has no challenger in the field of anti-Arab racism. Liebmann's May 6 essay is without doubt the most disgusting, reprehensible, and despicable article we have seen published on any topic in any reputable form of the U.S. media since, well, we learned how to read.

Herewith are some of the essay's most stomach-turning selections:

"University education in the Middle East is like putting turds in a blender and serving the extract in a Waterford crystal punchbowl. It is not known what is achieved by putting an Arab through a university except to take a guileless goat wrangler and inflame him into becoming a well-rounded and highly accredited fanatic equipped to lead the rabble in the Arab Street in throwing rocks and committing arson."

"Colin Powell, that guru of dips**t diplomacy, came up empty again, and, in a break from Bush's proclaimed war to save Civilization, he invited the head barbarian [Ed.: That would be Saudi Prince Abdullah] to celebrate Powell's humiliation at his Texas spread called Over-a-Barrel Ranch."

"Bush later said he spent quality time with the prince, though the press failed to report that quality time for an Arab is spent milking a goat. It is of interest that these Bedouin tribesmen are a lonely people who cannot milk a goat without becoming emotionally involved."

"On his departure, Abdullah did not reciprocate by inviting George W. Bush to Mecca for Ramadan, Islam's Annual Charles Manson Look-Alike Picnic."

"The amount of crap Bush took from Prince Abdullah confused even the Arabs -- albeit a confused Arab is in itself a redundancy. It calls into question the wisdom of the Bush/Powell policy of seeking 'allies' in Islam, where 98 percent of the population are registered members of the Lunatic Fringe."

"Curiously, American blacks, in large numbers, are converting to Islam, and, though descendants of slaves, are demanding reparations from everyone except the Arabs, who are, even now, driving around in limos with the pink slips of slaves in their glove compartments. (Presumably this is some inner-city manifestation of The Stockholm Syndrome.) Inconsistently, Islam has 3 million guys named Jamal, not one of whom can sink a free throw -- which says nothing complimentary for all concerned."

"Is it true the Sahara was not a desert until after the Arabs got through relieving themselves in it, and that after thousands of years of wandering, evolution has not yet produced a nomad with a sense of direction?"

"Is it true the Arab cultural contribution to the world is overstated? Its books are scrawled with caterpillar tracks which [sic] Arab scholars pretend to be able to read, and their muezzins' chants (music?) sound like a cross between a wolverine in heat and a guy who got his scrotum snagged in his zipper."

"Is it true an Arab's word of honor does not keep in a warm climate, and an Arafat cease-fire is about as enduring as the marriage vows of a lesbian wedding?"

"Is it true the Gaza Strip is Waikiki Beach for flies, and that mosquitoes return to Ramallah more reliably than the swallows go back to Capistrano, and that fleas abound in such profusion in Araby [sic], the dogs there have learned to sit up and beg for calamine lotion?"

"Is it true no Arab has ever appeared in Gentlemen's Quarterly, as no fashion editor can tell where an Arab's wardrobe ends and his tent begins?"

"Is it true the homeless in San Francisco are offended when people mistake them for Palestinian diplomats?"

"Is it true among Palestinians the smell of death pre-empts its actual event?"

"Is it true, in Araby [sic], the reason they are called 17-year locusts is because, like the people, that is how often they bathe?"

We know that religious prejudice endures in American society, even amongst the intelligentsia. Within that elite group it is today directed primarily at Roman Catholics and fundamentalist Christians, and to a lesser, but probably growing, extent toward Muslims. We also know -- and Liebmann's emetic tract, disguised as humor, is just the latest evidence -- that racism endures within this clique as well, most perniciously and consistently that directed at Arabs and more specifically, the Palestinians.

One shudders to think of the number of times Liebmann's sick collection of racist slanders has made the rounds of Arab haters, messianic settlers, and their sympathizers around the world. Worse, one cannot but be sickened that -- which calls itself "America's News Page" -- would publish such trash without embarrasment. Not surprisingly, no one from among Israel's vast supporters in the U.S. media has criticized Liebmann. The silence, to tap a cliché, is deafening., frankly, is a difficult site to pin down. Like TRR, the site includes links to numerous well-known columnists, in the case of, primarily of conservatives, but also some moderates and liberals. At TRR, we provide links to newspapers, magazines, journals, and columnists with whom we agree and disagree or otherwise find interesting or provocative. It's possible that has adopted a similar philosophy.

Nonetheless, for those not familiar, or for those who wish to know who among this country's Punditboro share space on with Liebmann, we provide this partial list:

Brent Bozell, Richard Brookhiser, Pat Buchanan, William F. Buckley Jr., Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, Arianna Huffington, Laura Ingraham, Reed Irvine, Michael Kelly, Morton Kondracke, Hilton Kramer, Charles Krauthammer, John LeBoutillier, Peggy Noonan, Oliver North, Robert Novak, Wesley Pruden, Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, William Safire, Michael Savage, Phyllis Schlafly, Mark Steyn, Cal Thomas, Paul Weyrich, and George Will.

For those who just can't get enough of this bile, there also apparently is a print magazine,, which can be had for a year at the rate of $39.95. For the record, the advertisers in the magazine include: Bose,, Gold Rarities Gallery, Crystal Clear, WesMart, QuickGym, Goldline International Inc.,, Gun Locker, Elderberry Press LLC, Video Eye!, Vallee Art, Country Home Products, Christian Freedom International, Summit Ministries, and the Young America Foundation.

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