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Saturday, November 02, 2002  

Once More Around the Bend

Bob Somerby of the Daily Howler takes on, and with ease demolishes, the despicable Sean Hannity, a shameless liar on any number of topics, nabbing him this time for trying to pin Bush Family campaign prop Willie Horton on former Vice President Al Gore.


For a quick, though illiterate, review of Hannity’s new book, Let Freedom Ring, by rabid and prototypical Hannity fan Don Hood of something called the “White History Month Campaign,” waltz on over to Barnes & Noble. [Corrected post-publication, swapping in B&N for]


Jesse Taylor of Pandagon hits Peggy Noonan -- the already stupefied Wall Street Journal scribbler and unrivaled queen of the remaindered books table -- right upside the head but good.


Mad Kane recently overheard a tangled conversation between President Bush and Vice President Cheney regarding, well, sort of regarding, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey Pitt. White House political advisor Karl Rove makes a brief appearance, too. Listen in. Go ahead. You know you want to.


Noted Eschaton-ite Leah A. is among the smartest women in America without a weblog. She really needs to get herself a site. What is she waiting for? A MacArthur Foundation grant or something?


Speaking of which, Atrios, the proprietor of Eschaton, draws our attention to the contemptible and newly converted Robert Novak, who lately has been telling nakedly partisan, race-baiting lies about Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page and the state’s Democratic party.


Just one more item picked up at Eschaton and then I’m moving on, I swear.

It really says something about the state of the media in America today when comedian Jon Stewart is more perceptive and more honest about the quality of the cable news networks than is Washington Post “media critic” Howard “Thanks for Sharing” Kurtz.

Gee whiz, you just want to yank Howie aside and scream, “No, you clueless stooge, it isn’t true that ‘a lot of people’ watch Fox News. Hell, the WB’s pathetic new retread, ‘Family Affair,’ pulled better last month!”

And does anyone else think it’s strange, inappropriate, wrong even, for Kurtz to be taking a salary as a “media critic” when he’s simultaneously feeding at the troughs set out in every corner of the whole damned business?

This guy is a disgrace.


Two thought-provoking items from University of California, Berkeley, economist Brad DeLong in his Semi-Daily Journal: one on the labor market and the other on capital spending on computers and related hardware.

The latter is particularly interesting. It makes me wonder why Hewlett-Packard Co.’s stock is in the toilet. Could it be because the fabled and much-hyped Carly Fiorina -- whose business plan is truly risible and whose pre-H-P days were spent with a firm, Lucent Technologies Inc., at which cooking the books appears to have attained gourmet status -- really just ain’t all that?

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