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Thursday, January 02, 2003  

Winners Announced at P.L.A. Today

The winners of the First Annual Koufax Awards, announced earlier today at P.L.A. - A Journal of Politics, Law & Autism, include some of my favorite weblogs, including Eschaton, Body & Soul, TalkLeft, Fanatical Apathy, Pandagon, Digby in his pre-Hullabaloo days, Roger Ailes, Blah3, and Alas, a Blog. Congratulations to all.

Modesty should restrain me from noting that The Rittenhouse Review won the Koufax Award for best single post. I'm honored to be among such esteemed company and thank you for your support.

I also would like to thank Jeanne d'Arc of the aforementioned Body & Soul for taking the time to read the winning essay, "Al Gore and the Alpha Girls," prior to its publication, for offering helpful comments, and for encouraging me to set aside my doubts and publish the article.

Appreciation also goes out to Dwight Meredith, author of P.L.A., for all of his efforts to initiate and sustain this project.

[Post-publication addendum: Civic pride calls upon me to point out that four of the Koufax Awards went to Philadelphia-area bloggers: Eschaton (2), Pandagon, and Rittenhouse.]

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