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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Waiting For TBogg

I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Actually, it’s already tomorrow, or very early-morning Wednesday in Philadelphia, but still, I can’t wait until TBogg gets his hands on the latest from diminutive West Coast columnist Mickey Kaus Ben Shapiro, freshly posted at “Ann Coulter is Welcome in My Orthodox Synagogue Anytime.”

I’ve heard many synagogues have trouble filling the seats outside the holidays, but can any single congregation be that desperate? Or should I ask, can any single columnist be that desperate?

But be careful, Ann. Ben’s got that whole mean, mad, “that’s-not-what-I-wanted-for-my-birthday” look going on with this column.

Oh, and sorry, readers, about the headline on this post. It creeps me out, too.

[Post-publication addendum (No. 1): It was worth the wait, and then some. Go read it.]

[Post-publication addendum (No. 2): By the way, Coulter badly needs an editor to join the team of fact-checkers so many have advised her to hire. “Wesley Clark: Found Out His Father Was Jewish in College,” she wrote. I can only interpret this statement to mean that Gen. Wesley Clark learned at some unspecified point in his life that his father, while attending college, briefly flirted with Judaism but then abandoned the faith. This is not accurate. But then again, it’s just Ann.]

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