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Friday, December 12, 2003  

Together With Miscellany: December 12

POLITICAL NOTES: You would think asking James A. Baker to sever certain business connections -- “Baker is senior counselor to the Carlyle Group, a global investment company that has done business with the Saudi royal family. He is also a partner in Baker Botts, a Houston law firm whose client list includes Halliburton” (New York Times, December 12) -- would be a no-brainer, wouldn’t you? More evidence of the Age of Unseriousness. . . . Paul Krugman on the unbearably obnoxious and gratuitously offensive Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz: “Mr. Wolfowitz’s official rationale for the contract policy is astonishingly cynical: ‘Limiting competition for prime contracts will encourage the expansion of international cooperation in Iraq and in future efforts’ -- future efforts? -- and ‘should encourage the continued cooperation of coalition members.’ Translation: we can bribe other nations to send troops.” . . . Gen. Wesley Clark: A “quick study.” . . . Deepak Choprah, Ricky Martin, Betty Williams, et al., “peace cells,” “gift accounts”: It could work. . . . Quote of the Day: World O’ Crap on Ollie North: “I guess an article using one ‘F-word’ can be considered ‘profanity-laced,’ but only by someone whose background is felony-laced.”

MISCELLANY: So, Rush, what was that you were saying about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb? . . . Can the Metropolitan Opera find a replacement sponsor for its Sunday afternoon live radio broadcasts, now that ChevronTexaco Corp. has pulled out, the $7 million tab apparently being too much for the company to bear? (The Annenberg Foundation already has pledged $3.5 million.) ChevronTexaco’s profits year-to-date: $5.5 billion. . . . Enough already with Jack Nicholson. Pull quote: “‘I don’t know the name of a club in Los Angeles, never mind have I been to one,’ said Nicholson, 66, who claims to be a homebody these days, spending nights alone or with friends.” [Emphasis added.] Now, is that such a remarkable statement or is it pretty much to be expected of someone who is approaching 70 years of age? . . . If these are “retro” toys, I’d hate to hear what they would call the playthings of my childhood. . . . Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. Say the Rosary in Spanish. (It’s Friday, so use the Sorrowful Mysteries.) . . . No link for this one, just a slice of my life: Let me tell you something, when a 60-pound bulldog doesn’t want to go somewhere, she doesn’t go there.

THE 2003 KOUFAX AWARDS: Mary Beth Williams and Dwight Meredith of Wampum are collecting nominations for the 2003 Koufax Awards. This is the second year for the awards, which represent the highest honor on the liberal/left side of the blogosphere. Stop by Wampum and submit your own nominations in the comments section or by sending an e-mail to either Williams or Meredith.

A READER WRITES: “You’re just as good as Sully [Andrew Sullivan] and he seems to be living the high life with his ‘pledge drives,’ so why don’t you become a full time blogger and get paid for it? You have the writing skills and passion for the issues. Go for it man!” What do you mean, “just as good”?

NUTTY RIGHT-WING BLOGGERS (Again): Go read this.

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