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Saturday, December 06, 2003  

That WOCky Blogger

I know I’ve been mentioning the site quite a bit lately, but I can’t help it, I’m just a big fan of World O’ Crap.

Besides, as best I can tell she hasn’t posted any contact information at her blog, so I can’t send the proprietor the kind of mash notes I’d like to.

I have to do all of this out in the open, which, considering I’ve already been exposed as an “oversexed whore[] who enjoy[s] the bedtime company of pigs,” -- as if that were an insult and not the story of my life, one I’ll tell you after my blessed mother passes on -- isn’t really such a big deal.

Anyway, to be filed under “great minds think alike,” let’s add another.

Today WOC posts a piece about Paul Harvey with the heading, “We Thought He Was Dead,” which is really cool because last year I made passing mention of Harvey as follows: “Paul Harvey is still living. He really is. I just heard him on the radio at the corner bodega. I had no idea.”

I swear we’re not the same person, nor were we separated at birth, nor were we separated at surgery, but if the woman behind WOC ever finds herself in Philadelphia, and that like never happens, dinner’s on me.

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