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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Lagging Behind His Peers
(As If!)

When checking my referral log just before midnight on Tuesday (January 20) I noticed that no fewer than three different weblogs beat the otherwise insurmountable Atrios in terms of traffic generated to The Rittenhouse Review.

Nice work! But who beat the master of short-form blogging?

Well, first, Tom of TBogg. No surprise. The guy’s some kind of friggin’ G.D. genius, and, while I don’t know this, I’ll bet he’s all really hot and everything.

And next comes Roger Ailes. No, not that irredeemably smarmy guy. The other Ailes. The one who isn’t, I suspect, because of the existence of the blogger of the same name, surreptitiously drawing a paycheck for his “opposition research” from the Republican National Committee through a niece’s sister’s mother’s sister-in-law, or a cousin’s son’s wife’s son’s brother-in-law, or something. Anyway, it’s the other Roger Ailes. The one we all love.

And in third place there is the incomparable, the indispensable, Cursor. How I functioned, how I lived, before there was Cursor, is a question I cannot yet answer.

[Post-publication addendum: Wait. This is sort of a joke. I mean, I really don’t think I have to call Atrios and tell him that, but maybe I should, just to make sure, in case his thinking matches some of my e-mail, though I truly doubt it.]

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