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Wednesday, June 02, 2004  

There Went the Neighborhood

Not far from where I live, in the Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, there is a handsome home with an ample garden, a house on which the northern bricks the owner has fastened a large horrific sign reading, “Bush/Cheney 2004,” a rather substantial steel banner made all the more heinous by the fact that it is brightened with spotlights beginning at or around sunset.

I couldn’t help but wonder whether the owner, so keen on another round of overly generous tax cuts for the preponderance of (wealthy) people who live in this neighborhood, was putting his money where his signage is. So I did what anyone else with a PC and an internet connection would do: I looked him up.

And there he is, Jamin V. Potamkin, of 305 S. 3rd St., Philadelphia, recorded as having donated $2,000 to the reelection campaign of President Jerk Chicken. (Hey! I coined it!) (By the way, you can search your own zip code at this same site.)

Mr. Potamkin lists his profession as “importer/distributor,” an assertion I cannot readily confirm, nor can I affirm that Mr. Potamkin is related to the infamous “Mrs. Potamkin,” the insufferable woman who obnoxiously hawked Long Island Cadillacs for decades.

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