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Saturday, July 03, 2004  

Matt Dillon

Hey, guess what? It’s Saturday. And that means your grouchy neighborhood blogger is sitting in front of his PC here in Philadelphia, writing and blogging and seething, and seething and blogging and writing, and, of course, watching cheesy Lifetime TV movies.

You might as well get something out of my sloth, and so today I’m launching a new feature, the Saturday “Lifetime” Hottie Watch, complete with photos!

My intention originally was to feature today Timothy Carhart, who starred in Lifetime’s early afternoon feature, “Before He Wakes.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo of Carhart on the web that did justice to his hottieness appeal.

Oh well. Leave it to Lifetime to come to the rescue with its next feature film this afternoon, “A Kiss Before Dying,” starring Saturday hottie Matt Dillon.

You’ll excuse me, I’m sure, if the pace of my blogging slows appreciably over the next two hours.

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