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Friday, July 02, 2004  

Freaks, All of Them

Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla, the fastest blogger in the West East -- I mean, please, does she have on her desk a red phone installed by the Associated Press? -- took me to lunch today.

We noshed, big time, at Silk City American Diner (435 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia). I can’t remember the name of the dish I ordered but it was a magnificent display: a hot open-face sandwich composed of wheat bread, ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, and brown gravy, accompanied by a side of sweet potato fries.

Heaven on earth, I thought, though I generally kind of walk around hungry these days anyway. Heaven on earth, I thought, until I ordered dessert: warm bread pudding with semi-sweet chocolate and whipped cream.

After lunch Susie carried me to her car and we made a beeline for, if you can believe it, WAL-MART!

Yes, my very first visit to a Wal-Mart. Do you want my reaction, my observations? Sure you do. But that’s a post in and of itself, and one for a later day. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know I have added several sites to the blogroll within the last few months. Today I offer you a belated listing of my newest peers. (Actually, some of these people have been blogging for a while; I’m just catching up with them now.)

Let me add here that if you’ve never blogged, you have no idea the work it takes to produce a site that draws a regular readership amid the cacophony of voices, many of them demented, that constitute the American media. I don’t know why the hell any of us does this -- it sure doesn’t pay the bills -- and so all I can do is recommend to you, my readers, my fellow freaks:

America Blog

Art Blog


Dohiyi Mir

Freeway Blogger

K Marx the Spot

Michael Bérubé

Musings & Migraines

No Capital

No More Apples

Poison Kitchen

Poor Richard’s Anorak


Welcome to the fray.

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