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Wednesday, October 20, 2004  

Together With Media Miscellany
Part II
October 20, 2004

New On the Scene
I don't know anything about this group, but they seem to have emerged suddenly this week and it looks interesting: Bush Relatives for Kerry.

Insufficient Military Pay? Try Halliburton, Fella'.
The Halliburton Co. has become very aggressive in hiring former Marines to work for the company in Iraq.

What's the Difference?
Are there really any real differences between U.S. Senate candidates Rep. Joe Hoeffel (D) and alleged "moderate" Sen. Arlen Specter (R)? You bet there are.

Allyson Schwartz Wins Key Endorsement
Allyson Schwartz, the Democratic Party candidate for the congressional seat currently held by U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Hoeffel today won the coveted endorsement of the Northeast Times, a local newspaper serving a substantial portion of the 13th district. The editors write, in part: "She has tremendous potential to be a great, activist federal lawmaker, not a back bencher."

Suppressing the Black Vote
For more about Republican Party efforts to suppress minority voting in Philadelphia, see "GOP Tactics Keeping Blacks From Voting," by Philadelphia Daily News columnist Elmer Smith.

More Chimp Business in Pennsylvania
We've discussed this issue -- monkey chimp business by Pennsylvania Republicans -- at this site before (see note above). There's more, this time in Pittsburgh: "Campaign 2004: Voter Registration Workers Cry Foul," by Dennis B. Roddy, published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. And in Scranton: "Four Poll Sites Saved," by Chris Birk, in the Scranton Times-Tribune. (Links via the indispensable Campaign Extra, by Will Bunch.)

House-Hunting in Jersey
Dina Matos McGreevey, wife of soon-to-resign New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey (D), has been seen house-hunting in Union County, N.J., without her husband.

How Ignorant, Exactly?
Well, when it comes to Andrew Sullivan, the answer is pretty gosh-darned ignorant, after all.

Nobody Cares
Aside from Philadelphia Weekly's Jessica Pressler, I can't think of anyone else in the world who gives one whit less about Camille Paglia than I do, let alone to express interest in the deranged one's preference in the November presidential elections. (As for those who do give a whit, here's a hint: See the post directly above, and I'm not talking about Roger Ailes.) And did you catch that list of nobodies on which Miss Paglia was included? Why would anyone pay any attention to this little post?

Pen Pals
Establishing a correspondence-based relationship with a foreign national, i.e., a "pen pal," can be so rewarding. Even for your neighbors.

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