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Tuesday, November 02, 2004  

Nods to the Blogosphere

TBogg on Tom Wolfe:

Let's harken back to the days of A Man in Full, one of the most overstuffed crapulent books of the nineties. Hideously late to the party when it came to describing the real estate boom and bust, and worse when delving into black culture where it had all the "keepin' it real" authenticity of listening to your grandfather eulogize Tupac, A Man in Full truly, truly sucked. In fact, it is the only book that I can ever remember throwing away and not donating or even putting in a recycling bin to be pulped (which would have been too good for it). After reading "gotcher back" approximately 3,000 times, I was ready to smack Wolfe "upside his haid" with this doorstop of drivel. To read most reviews of the time, the saving grace of this dumpster liner was a scene of horse humping that had all the reviewers atwitter proving that we are a country in short supply of horse porn.

The only book I have ever thrown away is The Bridges of Madison County. A friend recommended it: "I love this book. . . . I love this book," he said.

Complete garbage put in its place.

The only other book I was tempted to treat with the same fate was A Man in Full.

Yeah, Tom, people down there speak with southern accents. We get it.

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