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Monday, November 01, 2004  

We Have No Answers
Because We Have No Information

Ever since, and before even, President Screw You, You're Just a Lowly Voter (PSY) decided in August that the American people have no need to know anything about his health, and after PSY's unprecedented decision to skip his annual physical, that despite his having been on vacation during a substantial portion of August, a break after which he has been carrying around, with no explanation whatsoever, some sort of, um, attachment on his back, something he calls the result of a "bad-shirt day," but a device others have speculated is a back brace or a defilbulator, we at Rittenhouse have raised serious questions about the president's health.

The president and his allies have yet to respond to any of my questions about this issue, let alone my contribution to this debate, "Our Iatrophobic Predident, Skipping Yet Another Physical, And: Does the President Have Liver Disease?"

So left, as we are, operating in a deliberately induced ignorance, the question remains: How is the president's health?

Damned if I know.

Allow me, then, to direct readers to the president's medical history assembled by Doctor Zebra, who relates, in no uncertain words, that W.'s health is, well, not so great.

Not that anyone is asking.

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