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Friday, December 03, 2004  

Bring Me the Head of Andrew Sullivan

Please tell me Andrew Sullivan doesn’t think the “cep my mouth shut” controversy out of Lafayette, La., about which he blogged on Thursday, is fresh news. Sullivan’s post certainly reads that way, which is especially inexplicable considering the item to which he linked begins “last year.”

“Words fail me,” Sullivan writes.

No kidding.

Let’s be kind, though. Sullivan has a lot on his mind.

[Post-publication addendum: Roger Ailes earlier this week revealed Sullivan’s complete and utter lack of knowledge, let alone understanding, of Dutch culture and politics in “Martyr Complex.” I can’t help but wonder why Sullivan repeatedly insists upon portraying himself as an expert on contemporary Dutch society. Oh, wait, Amsterdam is really hip, right? In a retrograde, déclassé 4-2-0 kind of way. So very Andy.]

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