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Thursday, February 03, 2005  

Rittenhouse Ignores

President Phone-It-In last evening dribbled his second State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, a speech that despite having been broadcast throughtout the world, was, surprisingly or not, completely disregarded here.

Why? Because thanks to the phenomena known as "leakage" and "trial balloon," we all knew what was coming. (Besides, I was asked out to dinner. What would you have done?)

My time is far more valuable than to devote to Republican onanism. And I'm essentially unemployed, though working on a freelance basis, so you know that's saying something.

Going forward, shouldn't all of us refuse to read, notice, comment upon, or blog about any right-wing pundit or blogger's hosannahs about the speechwriters' purportedly masterful product?

After all, the ethics and compensation of every member of the subspecies -- pundit and blogger alike -- are now suspect in the aftermath of the Williams-Gallagher-McManus and Kristol-Krauthammer scandals.

Is there really any point in debating those who eagerly transcribe early-morning talking-points faxes, those who check the file labeled "Consulting Contracts" before hitting the "send" button, or those who take their cues from same?

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