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Sunday, June 25, 2006  

Tending to Ye Olde Blogroll

About two years ago a blogging friend, a Philadelphian, suggested my blogroll was too big, too generous, and urged me to pull it back, to pare it down.

I never did, but I since have become more selective, more discriminating, with respect to the sites I add to the already ample list in the sidebar at right.

And so by directing your attention to the trio that comprises the latest additions thereto, I hope you will trust that I have not made rashly the decision to add these blogs to that esteemed list. And so please, at your earliest convenience and very often thereafter, please take the time to visit:

Edicts of Nancy
Philadelphia Perspective
Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog

And after having said all that, I hope you will allow me to add a plug here for a longstanding Philadelphia blog that has been on my blogroll since the day I found it, that produced by Lori, whose always outstanding writing has been particularly captivating of late: Avocado8.

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