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Thursday, November 30, 2006  

New to the Blogroll

There's a new addition to the blogroll, Altmouse, which is not the blog of Ann Althouse, the intellectually challenged and unbearably petulant professor of law toiling somewhere in what we Easterners used to call the Northwest Territories, because they are so, so far left away from here.

Granted, Altmouse is generally, until just recently, an even less active blogger than I am, but what with all the folderol this week, it just seems so very apt and timely.

I suppose having chose Altmouse over Althouse for the blogroll I've displayed unconscionable partisanship, what with all the picking and choosing involved, but I feel that I have made the right choice, because it is important to make determinations based on quality, and quality is an important characteristic of almost anything, something that we must look for, in persons, places, and things. Nouns. And string. String is a noun. And nouns are parts of speech. Parts of speech are to be respected, if for no other reason that there are so many of them. Nouns. Verbs. Adjectives. There are even things called adverbs. This is remarkable. And there is no reason to disagree with that.

Ann, you see, just hates it when people talk blog about her behind her back in the girls' room blogosphere and then don't have the courtesy to link to her site when they're doing it! Especially people like Andrew Sullivan. So detestable, he, I agree, and notice: No link for him! And Ann's readers concur, because Sullivan is, you know, teh gay.

Amazingly, Ann has the nerve to cite her hero, Insta-Linker Glenn Rehnolds in support of her stance, the same Glenn who, whenever he has written about me, has not only not linked to this blog, but hasn't had the courtesy to spell my last name correctly.


You know, there are nine whole letters and four entire syllables in that last name of mine.

So complicated. So difficult. So foreign. No wonder some people call him Insta-Cracker.

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