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Monday, December 04, 2006  

Jonathan Saidel is Outta' Here

Do you remember that guy, his name was something like Josh or Jon or Jeremy or Julian, and he's been around here in politics in Philadelphia for like forever, though you've never been really sure what his job is or was or what if anything he ever really accomplished in it, but you heard he was progressive and maybe sort of cool even though he had some really questionable allies including the type who sit on their seats in Congress forever and for no discernable reason, and while you knew he was a Democrat and white and maybe he was Jewish but you weren't sure, even though that was a little interesting given that this is Philadelphia and all, and then that a couple of weeks ago he said he was running for mayor and he hired a staff and opened an office and everything to do just that?

Well, that was Jonathan Saidel, and all that above is just no so much anymore, thanks, I think, if I'm getting it, to Rep. Robert Brady (D), my very own what-has-he-done-for-anyone-lately congressman, who, we're told, is going to run for mayor, adding to the existing and expected crop of incredibly disappointing prospects for that allegedly august office. As the race is shaping up so far, I may just sit this one out.

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