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Wednesday, September 18, 2002  

Jottings From The Reading Room

Neal Pollack is some kind of genius. (Not appropriate for the children.)

My Irish mother will like this essay from the Boston Globe: It includes a smack at Frank McCourt. (Penance for the Pollack link, which I trust she won't click through.)

Three minutes is a long time. Sorry, Mrs. Beamer.

Does the mere existence of the Meretz Party in Israel drive Marty Peretz crazy? Did they choose the name Meretz just to get on his nerves? (Do you see it? The mirror image? Switch the initial letters?)

For the more scholarly types: Read Frances FitzGerald in the New York Review of Books.

Whacking Day cleans a pipsqueak's clock but good.

What kind of writer uses words and phrases like “characteristic inanity,” “umpteen,” “[d]on't get me wrong,” and “knee-jerk left,” and expects to be taken seriously? And what kind of "magazine" pays the writer to publish it?

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