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Saturday, June 28, 2003  

Live! In Concert?

I can’t believe this! So, it’s, like, almost midnight, and I was just now flipping through the latest issue of the Philadelphia City Paper trying to plan the rest of my night, and I ran across an ad for the Trocadero Theatre, a performance “space” here in Philadelphia that’s, gee whiz, not more than seven or eight blocks from my house.

And who do I see is performing there tonight? Probably right now? At this very moment? Bruce Willis. Actually, “Bruce Willis and the Accelerators.” I can’t believe it. I know I miss a lot, what with not having cable TV and not subscribing to US, People, or Maxim, but this is ridiculous.

(You know, I’m going to admit a shameful secret here: I once was in a relationship with a guy who couldn’t finish the crossword puzzles in either People or TV Guide. Never in human history have three years been so thoroughly wasted as those I spent with that dunce. Well, except for that whole George Bush I as president thing, but that’s another story.)

But I digress. Look, I’m no Bruce-Willis hater. I never have been. Frankly, I’d take him over Demi Moore any day. But, seriously, readers, what is this? Is Willis in, like, a band or something? Is it for real? Is he, are they, any good? This is totally blowing me away. I need details.

Even better news: I see in the same ad that the Tom Tom Club is performing at The Trocadero on July 10.

I actually have two or three of their CDs. Isn’t that weird? There’s actually a person or band whose CDs I own that is continuing to perform, that is (are) still alive, in fact.

Maybe I should go.

No, I’d feel weird. I’d be, like, the oldest person there. Well, except for the band members, that is.

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