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Friday, June 27, 2003  

Bad Restaurant Concepts and Other Freaky Memories

Hey, readers, it’s Friday. Time to head out for Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Ultimate Strawberry Banana Coladas at T.G.I. Friday’s! Woo hoo!

No, just kidding. Something better than that! Much better!

It’s time for another “Flashback Friday” at Wampum. Great stuff.

When you’re done there, try something in an entirely different, far less interesting, and completely useless vein: “The Weekly Dish,” a regular Friday feature in the Washington Times.

This week the Cliff Notes version of Andrew Sullivan’s blog is nicely juxtaposed against an editorial entitled “Privacy Amok.”

[Warning: The Times editorial includes the usual right-wing tittering about the apparently incipient outbreak of rampant and unrestrained bestiality that is ready to take hold of American society should we let our guard down even slightly. You know, that dirty stuff Sen. Dick Santorum (R-Pa.) likes to talk about so much. No, not me. I can’t. Aw, don’t make me say it. Please don’t. Okay. You know, “man-on-dog action.”]

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