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Thursday, March 08, 2007  

Thursday Bulldog Blogging

I know you've seen this photograph here several times, but it's a favorite of many readers and this is a special occasion: the, I don't know, 38th maybe, birthday of my friend H.F.

Actually, her birthday was March 7, but she lives in Australia, so what with the time change and the International Date Line, that means it's really today. Unless I'm mixed up and her birthday was really the day before yesterday, which seems a bit more likely if possibly also incorrect.

Oh, what the heck. Either way, Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Helga. Mildred sends smooches to Kelly, with an added messy slobber for Alan.

[Post-publication addendum: March 7th also was the birthday of another web notable,Mrs. TBogg. The house basset hounds, Beckham and Satchmo, were right there with the appropriate photographic greetings, the younger and more salacious Beckham licking his lips rather like his daddy and the beleaguered Satchmo looking like, well, the Satchmo we all know and love, who is kind of over the whole thing, whatever that might be.]

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