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Tuesday, April 16, 2002  


A wise editorial in today's edition of the Christian Science Monitor about the balance of power between President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Here we quote, in relevant part:

"With the [Pro-Israel, Anti-Palestinian] lobby's coaching, Congress has heavily pressed the White House over the past week to drop its demand for withdrawal, and to 'let no light' shine between the U.S. strategy on terrorism and Israel's strategy against Palestinian suicide bombers.

"President Bush made that demand strongly on April 4 in a well-honed statement in the Rose Garden. He laid down clear markers on his Mideast policy, and he's tied it to the U.S. war. He pressed Israel to make political concessions, such as ending Jewish settlement 'activity' on the West Bank.

"His administration fears that Israel's often-brutal military occupation of Palestinian land will inflame Arab opinion, incite more attacks against the U.S., and hinder a U.S. attempt to oust Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

"So far, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has defied Mr. Bush. Many Palestinian cities remain occupied. And Mr. Sharon sent Israel's most effective public relations agent, former prime minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu, to the U.S. for a week of heavy lobbying. Mr. Netanyahu even had a private meeting with a large group of senators.

"And the result? Bush blinked."

Yes, and a big surprise that was.

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