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Sunday, April 14, 2002  


Well, it's no surprise....The New Republic this week is a veritable orgy of Zionist self-congratulation and ecstatic poses of martyrdom. I will be dissecting the latest issue's various spasms of onanistic deception, deceit, and hatred over the next several days.

For now, however, let me ask whether perhaps -- just perhaps -- one of the "brilliant" minds at the New Republic will explain why the Palestinians who were killed in Jenin were to be buried in a mass grave by the army of "the Zionist entity" [Ed.: The New Republic's term, not ours.] rather than being returned to their families for a proper burial?

Is it to cover up the number of people, including non-combatants, who were actually killed in Jenin? Is it because Palestinians are mere "fleas," in the immortal words of a former Israeli prime minister? Is this standard procedure for the Israeli army?

And is it not despicable that Israeli Jews -- some of whom are victims or descendents of victims of what history regards as an aborted attempt at genocide -- will not give the dead the respect that is rightfully theirs?

What a sad state of affairs it is when such otherwise intelligent men -- Beinart, Chait, Foer, "the editors," and Peretz -- give themselves over to the slavish support of the likes of Ariel Sharon.

The supposedly non-existent "Amen Corner" is apparently alive and well.

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