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Thursday, May 23, 2002  

Sullivan Has a Field Day

“The Daily Dish” at today serves up what we suppose is intended to be a withering critique of Eric Alterman’s new weblog, Altercation.

Here’s Sullivan from “The Daily Dish” on Alterman:

“The day after a blogger boasts that, unlike the other blogspotters out there, he has editors, he should probably avoid using spellings like ‘incumbant.’ I’d forgive a lone blogger, and I make some spelling errors and typos myself. But then I’m not edited. Can’t the mighty editors at Newsweek or MSNBC spell-check Alterman?”

Yes, that’s Sullivan’s primary critique of Alterman, that he misspelled the word incumbent.

Well, there goes Alterman’s credibility! We’ll have to consider deleting our link to Alterman’s site.

Sullivan’s critique is all the more hilarious given the errors he has made at “The Daily Dish,” many of which have been far more serious than mere misspellings. In fact, there’s a veritable cottage industry of Sullivan-error-spotting; see, for example,, which has taken “The Daily Dish” to task for a multitude of blunders.

Readers may recall that TRR recently caught a glaring error in “The Daily Dish.” (We know we’re being repetitive, we just like saying that: “The Daily Dish,” “The Daily Dish.”)

On May 15 (see archives) we noted that Sullivan mistakenly placed the six-week Israeli siege on one of the holiest shrines of Christianity at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, rather than the actual location, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Readers may further recall that after we (and perhaps others) drew Sullivan’s attention to this mistake, the stunted pundit corrected the error without mentioning the incident to his readers.

Thus, while Alterman would have been wise to have deployed better software or a more astute copy editor, Sullivan would do himself a favor by hiring a fact-checker.

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