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Friday, May 24, 2002  

Ghoulish Agent Continues to Censor Posts

Last night we paid a visit to, with the intent of sharing a thoughtful and thought-provoking article from the Christian Science Monitor, “How Israel Builds its Fifth Column,” with the community of voracious readers who gather there.

We posted a link to the article and the first two paragraphs, which we reprint below:

“Hani knew it was wrong.

“But the young Palestinian says he couldn't resist the woman who seduced him in a field near his house two years ago. And he never suspected what was to come.

“In the middle of the tryst, the couple was ambushed by Israeli security agents who told Hani (not his real name) that his wife would be informed of the infidelity unless he cooperated. He says he now suspects he was set up, but he admits he was an easy target – wanted for a raft of petty crimes and a wallet full of fake identity cards. Within days he had agreed to trade his freedom for life as a collaborator.”

In the article, author Catherine Taylor discusses in considerable details the methods by which Israeli security forces recruit and deploy Palestinian informants.

The article is interesting, fair, and balanced.

But to Lucianne, that’s unacceptable.

We posted the article at 11:21 p.m. Upon returning to the site this morning the article is nowhere to be found. We wonder if Lucianne goes through the posts herself or has a peon doing the work for her. Fils Jonah, perhaps? And to what within this particular article does she object?

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