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Tuesday, May 21, 2002  

Three News Articles Deleted at

If there is anyone out there naive enough to think -- as we did -- that provides an open forum for discussing the issues of the day, they are sorely mistaken. is a web site operated by, or at the very least operated under the aegis of, Lucianne Goldberg. If readers don't recall the name, we remind you that Goldberg is the close buddy of wire-tapper and world's-worst-friend Linda Tripp, and easily the most horrid woman on the Upper West Side -- at least since Midge Decter, along with husband and fellow neoconservative crank Norman Podhoretz, moved to the East Side.

Now, has rules regarding what news articles can and cannot be posted, which we reprint below:

" is a NEWS site. Please post news articles, columns and comment from legitimate on-line newspapers, magazines or news sites only. We prefer articles no older than one day unless an older article would serve as vital background or inform a current posted article.

"Personal essays (known as Vanity Posts), chain letters, parodies, songs, poems and unattributed screeds are not permitted and will be removed. Chronic offenders will be banned. Please check the front page with a quick search (Ctrl F) before posting in order not to repeat an article already on the page. Duplicate posts will be removed.

"Articles from hate group sites such as KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc. are not allowed. Articles from and Spotlight are not welcome on Anyone posting articles from any of these sites will be banned without notice. Nonwithstanding the above, the posting of breaking news from reliable sources or previews and/or descriptions of television appearances and/or statements that have no immediate link is permitted."

The banishment of strikes us as more than a little strange, and indeed, inexplicable, but we digress.

This morning we posted three bona fide news stories at Within 10 minutes, each of the stories was deleted from the vanity site of the literary agent provacateur and mumeleh to National Review Online "editor" Jonah Goldberg.

Since Goldberg has suppressed these articles, we share them with you here.

"I sniff some politics," by Howard Fineman in Newsweek.

"Hiding Behind a Veil of Executive Privilege," by Robert Scheer in the Los Angeles Times.

And "Ashcroft drawn into row over September 11," by Julian Borger in The Guardian."

If readers can determine which of Luci's rules these articles violated, we would welcome the edification. Otherwise we will be left with the impression that Goldberg capriciously refuses to allow posts that violate the party line.

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