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Monday, June 24, 2002  

Photo Galleries for the Hard-Core Fans

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. (Job 3:25, KJV)

Ann Coulter has launched her long-awaited eponymous vanity web site, It’s worth a look and is certain to get the middle-aged frat boys of right-wing talk radio salivating, perspiring, breathing heavily, and who knows what else. (Readers may wish to stick with FM today.)

Coulter’s timing is fortuitous and not a matter of happenstance: Her second book is due out tomorrow. This week, then, we will be treated to the bizarre sight of yet another conservative pundit ranting and raving about the media’s egregious “liberal bias,” all the while appearing as a guest of same, and laughing all the way to the bank.

As one would expect, the home page at has her latest column, something about President Bush and his fetishes, as best we could make out, though, to be honest, we weren’t really paying that much attention.

But the good stuff, or the “goods,” as it were, is on the inside. Coulter’s hard-core fans will be delighted to find not one, but two photo galleries, “images” she unselfconsciously calls them, photographs certain to disprove, once and for all, that Coulter’s success as a right-wing pundit (she prefers the term “public intellectual”) has anything to due with her carefully cultivated “babe” image.

More interesting, though, is that Coulter carries the fetish theme she tackled on the home page into her galleries.

See Ann model black vinyl!

See Ann in pumps!

See Ann shoot!

See Ann work the dunes at dusk!

See Ann get drunk!

See Ann battle anorexia! (Noteworthy: The dress in this photograph appears to have a stain on it.)

Naturally, the site is blatantly promotional.

“[B]uy Ann’s new book”!

“Read the book jacket”!

See and hear Ann take on the “liberal media” (beginning with the home-field advantage): “Sean Hannity”! “Hannity & Colmes”! “Politically Incorrect”! With the obligatory “Today Show” appearance and promises of “more events to be added.”

God help us, every one.

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