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Wednesday, June 12, 2002  

Drudge's “Scoop” is on Page 298
The Lamest Smear Campaign Since J. Edgar Hoover

ConWebWatch today has published an all-too enlightening letter from Gary Aldrich in which the utterly discredited right-wing stooge yet again asserts -- and yet again without any supporting evidence whatsoever -- that David Brock’s latest book, Blinded by the Right, “is one lie after another.”

One pities Aldrich, wallowing as he does in a pigsty of illogic and idiocy.

A few quotes:

“[I]nstead of asking me to disprove anything he wrote, efforts should be made by somebody -- Brock -- you? anybody to prove anything that Brock wrote. After all, he’s the admitted liar.”

Here’s a howler to which Aldrich can’t even attach a single name:

“And you’re wrong about my book -- every major journalist in town has admitted I’ve been vindicated. Only the fringe loony left crowd maintains a position that my book is inaccurate.”

Now here comes the punch line:

“Or, you may be Gay. [Ed.: Note the capitalization.] I’ve noticed that Gays tend to defend each other regardless of the facts, and that may be because they think any attack launched against a fellow Gay is evidence of homophobia. Am I right?”

Aldrich follows up by diving head first into Matt Drudge’s lap:

“I couldn’t care less that Brock is Gay. But I do care that he’s a liar, and according to a recent Drudge and Washington Times piece [sic], he’s also emotionally overtaxed, enough to get hospital confinement [sic]. I’m not happy about his illness, but I think one must assume that a person who’s that sick cannot be taken seriously.”

Hop over to ConWebWatch for Terry Krepel’s response. It’s worth the trip.

Drudge’s Non-Scoop Poop

For our part, we would like to know whether Aldrich -- or Drudge -- actually read Brock’s book. We are inclined to believe they didn’t, opting for the easy and juvenile route of flipping through the pages looking for their names and leaving it there.

True, the level of animus with which Aldrich views Brock might lead one to assume that Aldrich did indeed read Chapter 14 of Blinded by the Right, “The Gary Aldrich Affair,” perhaps the most blistering pages of what is a thoroughly devastating book.

Then, just as we did when Drudge started his wildly unsuccessful smear campaign questioning Brock’s mental health, we were drawn back to the end of Chapter 15 where Brock himself writes:

“I was alone, consumed by my tortured thoughts of hopelessness and worthlessness. My mind turned several times over the holidays to slipping away from it all. I saw myself get up from the navy blue sofa, walk into the garage that was attached to the back of the house, close the door, climb into Andrew’s black Range Rover, rev the engine, and breathe in deeply. Maybe David Brock the road warrior of the right literally should be dead.”

Now, we don’t have a psychiatrist on staff here at TRR, but one is hardly required to reach the conclusion that Brock is in this passage discussing a severe bout of depression.

There it is -- Drudge’s big “scoop” -- on page 298 of Blinded by the Right.

It must have taken a major brainstorm for Drudge to speculate, based on this revelation, that Brock eventually sought medical treatment.

Nice job, Drudge.

What a fraud.

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