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Friday, June 14, 2002  

Mrs. Edwards Denies Aura of Mystery

Lisa B. Edwards this evening sent a kind note our way in which she disclaims leading a double life as neoconservative hack and movie critic, um, extraordinaire John Podhoretz (Who could blame her?) and rejects the notion that she is, as we had characterized her, “mysterious.”

As Mrs. Edwards’s message, reprinted in part below, was written with a refreshing sense of humor, we must conclude that she is, indeed, not a neocon.

In fact, we find ourselves so taken by Mrs. Edwards’s disarming charm that if she keeps this up we may have to name her as one of the “Women We Admire.”

From: Edwards, Lisa B.
Subject: This must be my 15 minutes……..

Dearest James,

Thanks for giving me the best laugh I've had in a long time!

There are two things that I definitely am not: 1) mysterious and 2) John Podhoretz.

Truthfully, I was just trying to do a good deed by informing you of your error. I had no idea I'd end up in the middle of all this intrigue….


Our apologies, Lisa, if that’s really your name, -- Hey, just kidding! -- for casting aspersions on your good name. Thanks for visiting our little site and please accept our best wishes for a happy and successful year.

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