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Saturday, June 29, 2002  

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A Slander on France,” François Bujon de l’Estang, the Washington Post, June 22.
Affirmative Action Reaction,” Eric Alterman, The Nation, July 1.
Arafat is Only Interested in Saving Himself,” Edward Said, The Independent, June 20.
Bad for Business,” William Greider, The Nation, July 1.
City's Culture Brings Talent, Then Companies,” Neil Irwin, the Washington Post, June 27.
Doonesburied,” Jesse Walker, Reason, July 2002.
Fighting the Gay Right,” Richard Goldstein, The Nation, July 1.
George W.’s Bloody Folly,” Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian, June 26.
Give Us Answers -- Not Make-Up,” Yoel Marcus, Ha’aretz Daily, June 29.
Is Andy Card an Idiot?”, Timothy Noah, Slate, June 6.
Mrs. Hughes Takes Her Leave,” Ron Suskind, Esquire, July 2002.
One-Sided Offer That Will Change Nothing,” Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian, June 25.
Right-Wing Black List,” Sam Tanenhaus, Slate, June 20.
Should Estate Tax Repeal Be a Top Priority?”, Gene Sperling, Bloomberg News, June 29.
The Inherited Wealth Lobby,” E.J. Dionne Jr., the Washington Post, June 14.
The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11?”, Chris Isham, John Miller, Glenn Silber, and Chris Vlasto, ABC News, June 21.
True Confessions,” Jane Mayer, the New York Review of Books, June 27.
U.S. Probes 350 Reported Bias Crimes,” Christopher Newton, the Washington Post, June 25.
What About Bob?”, by Jason Zengerle, the New Republic Online, June 17.
Who’s Afraid of Cornel West,” Eric Alterman, The Nation, July 15.
You Must Be a Fag,” Mark Morford, SF Gate, June 14.

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