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Tuesday, June 11, 2002  

“Crossfire” Co-Host Nabbed by Begala and Epstein

We had planned to publish a piece today about Tucker Carlson’s pathetic performance on “Crossfire” last night, but we see that Media Whores Online already has published remarks that very much match our observations, albeit expressed with greater, shall we say, passion.

Carlson, who apparently has never heard of the Danforth Commission, was once again sputtering the usual party-line nonsense about the Waco Wackos. However, in marked contrast to Carlson’s previous paroxysm on the subject, left unchallenged by Dee Dee Myers, co-host Paul Begala last night called him on it with devastating precision.

Faced with the prospect of immediate humiliation on national television, Carlson fell back on an easy exit: “We need to do a show on this.” Right. Another hour on Waco. Will someone please tell Carlson it’s 2002?

The unofficial and rush transcript of yesterday’s program is available here at

Don’t miss the moment when Julian Epstein, former counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, chastises Carlson for engaging in his favorite pastime -- “to create straw men and then to have us knock them down.”

Epstein’s remark came, appropriately enough, after Carlson asserted “liberals” believe the big story yesterday wasn’t the arrest of suspected terrorist Jose Padilla (a.k.a. Abdullah Al Muhajir), but instead the purported violation of his civil rights.

“You make things up, Tucker. Nobody said that,” Epstein charged in a moment of brutal and withering honesty. Good show, mate.

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