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Wednesday, July 17, 2002  

In His Odd Way, Sullivan Gets This One Right

Andrew Sullivan of “The Daily Dish” today directed readers to this site with a cryptic notation, “Spectacular propaganda for the Palestinians here.”

We presume Sullivan was being snide, given his longstanding disdain for anything Arab or Islamic.

And yet, in his own weird way, Sullivan actually got this one right.

Reading through the responses to the original post on the Sullivan-approved site, a post intended to mock the Palestinians, we were sickened, literally, by the visceral hatred of Palestinians and Arabs expressed by Israel’s supporters. The page drips with their demented venom.

We wonder how many Americans are aware of the deep-seated prejudices of so many of our relentless warmongers -- inside and outside the government -- a thuggish gang that has virtually no respect whatsoever for Arab culture and is completely unable to view Arabs as fellow human beings.

And we can’t help thinking that the more people read this disgusting bile, or otherwise become aware of the real sentiments and motives of these hooligans, the more they will question our dangerously unbalanced foreign policy in the Middle East.

So, that sounds to us like good news for the Palestinians after all.

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