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Tuesday, September 24, 2002  

DON’T MISS . . .
A Recurring Feature

Don’t miss . . . “The Lefty Interview” with Jeanne D’Arc of Body and Soul, now online at the Lefty Directory. (Mlle. D’Arc was interviewed by Brian Linse of AintNoBadDude.)

The interview reveals Jeanne D’Arc to be as interesting as she is talented. Accomplished despite adversity, generous amid a culture of greed, a spiritually inclined intellectual amid soulless secularism, and I’m willing to bet, one of the best mothers in America.

Body and Soul is consistently well written, thought-provoking, even provocative, and ranks high among my daily, ever-increasing, list of “must reads.”

Okay, so I’m a little disappointed not to be invited to the desert island, but I don’t like hot weather anyway. What if we all went to the Falklands/Malvinas? In July.

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