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Sunday, September 08, 2002  

The Misdirected and the Misbegotten

Herewith another of our once-in-a-while round-up of interesting and unusual Google searches that brought new readers to The Rittenhouse Review.

email + list + of + meat + dealers + guest + book + in + Korea
What to make of this? A butchers' convention?

Philadelphia + golf + course + review + rank
No golfers here, sorry. Still waiting for that invitation to join the Philadelphia Cricket Club, though.

Ann + Coulter + mini + skirt + photos
No mini-skirt photos here, either of Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham, the subject of another popular mini-skirt search, though typically with "leopard print" included among the search criteria.

St. + Rita + of + Cascia + Shrine
Yep, we're a linker. This and similar searches became popular during the summer after the release of that movie that I didn't see and the name of which I can't remember.

price + fixing + security + Dresser + Baker + Hughes
Dick Cheney, please call your office.

"Tucker Carlson" + "Reader's Digest" + cheating
I'm not even going to touch that one.

"Tucker Carlson" + "Rush Limbaugh" + pictures
I'm absolutely not going to touch that one.

biker + bitch
Good one. And yes, we used it, in reference to Debbie Schlussel.

what + happened + to + Debbie + Schlussel
Not sure. A well deserved slide back to obscurity?

riding humiliation galleries
Whoa! This is a family site.

Carlton + Bush + Waco + hotel + average

Australian + right + wing + politics
Not my area of expertise.

Seventh + Day + Adventist + crazy + religion
This user must have meant that other crazy religion: Catholicism.

children + manipulative + daddy's + girl + spoiled
Sounds like someone just ticked someone off.

underage + girl + Costa + Rica + vacation + account
Sounds like someone is in big trouble.

James + M. + Capozzola
About as close as one can get. Is that you, mom?

The + Rittenhouse + Review
Home sweet home (page).

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