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Sunday, October 20, 2002  

Sex Columnist Gets Really Nasty and Aggressive and Manly

Dan Savage, foul-mouthed sex columnist and self-professed admirer of “tighty-whities on a boyish and slim and hairless man,” recently signed on with the war on Iraq crowd.

Make no mistake, Savage is not actually signing up to fight, or to enlist in the military, or to join the reserves, or anything real like that -- precious few of our roughhousing wannabees advocating an endless war in the Middle East are willing to go that far -- he’s just going to be cheering from the sidelines, joining the chorus of shrieking testosterone-laden harpies desperate for validation of their masculinity from the likes of über-Menschen Gary Bauer, Jonah Goldberg, Rod Dreher, and Christopher Hitchens.

Clearly drifting far out of his field of alleged expertise, Savage recently had this to say about war and terrorism: “To stop Islamo-fascism, we’re going to have to roll back all of the tyrannous and dictatorial regimes in the Middle East while simultaneously waging war against a militant, deadly religious ideology.” [Emphasis added.]

All of them? Every single one of them? How, pray tell, will we do this? How long, Dirty Dan, will this take? How much, Diaper-Changing Dan, will this cost? Will we still be at it when your son turns 18?

Amazing, isn’t it, how these newbie warmongers can make such outrageous blanket statements and have their logic questioned only by a select critical few, a few that, I have no doubt, will in a moment be labeled “homophobic.”

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