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Monday, November 11, 2002  

Who Are These People?

Neal Pollack is back. As of yesterday, actually. And in celebration thereof, he gives himself a good “Fisk”-ing. In public, no less.

As for the departed Lizz Westman -- Wait, no, don’t cry! She’s not departed departed, she’s just not filling in Neal anymore. I mean, not filling in for Neal anymore. -- I want to marry her and have her children. We can work out the details later.

A shame about the election, isn’t it? Give the voters a real choice and, well, if you expect them to bring a pencil to the polls, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose.


Gee whiz, William Burton of William Burton is really honked off, and frankly, I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. This is my favorite among his many great lines of late: “Any man still reading [Ayn] Rand past his twenties is no man to trust around heavy machinery.” And these wing-nut bloggers call me surly? Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Burton.


Congratulations to Brian Linse on the one-year anniversary (November 10) of his weblog, the acclaimed AintNoBadDude, his expression of gratitude today to Professor InstaLinker notwithstanding. Linse: film auteur, pioneer blogger, Californian. Take your pick.


Now, has everyone already forgotten what I said last week about taking conservatives seriously? Eschaton relays the latest flatulence of the cretinous Michael Savage and the world heaves a collective sigh of, “So what?”

Trust me, people, Savage means it. This is not a joke to him. (If “cretinous” wasn’t a real word before today, it is now. Says who? Says me.)

By the way, Atrios, I don’t think one is allowed to say “naked” at, around, of, or in reference to Bob Jones University.


If Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft knows so much about crime and criminal law, how come she’s not a ten-most-wanted criminal mastermind by now? Or is she? Just kidding. I’ve learned more about the law from Merritt, online and off, than I have from any other resource I’ve met, or encountered rather, online or off.


Hey, Scoobie Davis! Thanks for putting up that blogroll . . . finally. There’s some nice follow through coming this way.

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