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Friday, November 22, 2002  

She Called `Em As She Saw `Em

I always knew the late Eppie Lederer, a/k/a Ann Landers, was one cool lady.

Here’s Miss Landers sharing a few pre-election thoughts about President Bush with her twin sister, Pauline Phillips, a/k/a Dear Abby:

I’m nervous about the upcoming election. I can’t bear the thought of looking at George Bush’s smirk for the next four years -- maybe eight.

The guy is extremely [sic] good[-]looking [sic], but when he opens his mouth, you know that he is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

That was Ann Landers, I guess. Quick with a quip, but a master of the understatement.

But dare I ask? Is it possible President Bush is responsible for Miss Landers’s death? Perhaps she just couldn’t take it any longer. (Who can?) And if so, is it fair to assume she died prematurely because the Supreme Court decided Bush and not former Vice President Al Gore should be president?

Not to worry. I’m sure Robert Bartley and Paul Gigot are all over this one.

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