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Wednesday, November 27, 2002  

A Pre-Holiday Trio

“THE LOONS! THE LOONS!”: I know many people associate Peggy Noonan first and foremost with her dolphins, but for me, it’s loons. Whenever I read Noonan’s columns I hear Katharine Hepburn [Still living!] as Ethel Thayer in “On Golden Pond”: “The loons! The loons!”

Paul Musgrave, with his essay “Get Your Noonan On,” has helped me understand why.

[Post-publication addendum: Prompted by something a colleague said about it, I just reread Musgrave’s piece on Noonan. Let me add here that this guy is some kind of genius or something, I don’t know what.]


WEIGHTY MATTERS: The fun folks at PETA sure don’t care for anyone, any human beings at least, who are carrying a few extra pounds. Their latest target: John Madden.


WHAT’S A SYCOPHANT TO DO?: Atrios at Eschaton ponders the odd contortions we soon may see displayed by the newly minted right winger and former Trotskyite Christopher Hitchens.

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