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Wednesday, December 18, 2002  

What the Kool Kids are Saying

Are you reading or have you at least visited Andrew Tobias’s weblog on “Money and Other Subjects”?

Tobias, whose book, The Best Little Boy in the World (which originally was published under a pseudonym), changed my life, writes primarily about money and finance, something I’ve spent more than 15 years doing without applying anything I’ve learned to my own life.

Today Tobias has a smart piece about funding the Securities and Exchange Commission that I highly recommend, though that part about his trading in increments above $10,000 sort of gets on my nerves.


I hope things are okay chez Madeleine Begun Kane et mari. Sounds like things were a little testy there for a while. (See second item.)


Have you ever heard of or seen a “volcanic bomb”? I hadn’t either, until recently, but then again, I’m not Beth Bartel and I don’t live and work in Antarctica. Why not? Because I’m not insane. Just kidding. Bartel’s weblog, IceBlog!, a journal of her work way the hell down there, complete with outstanding photography, is fascinating.


How many bloggers can say they have linked to a blog written in Swedish? Visit I Dåligt Sällskap, just for the helluvit.


Roger Ailes -- No, not that one! The other one! -- of Roger Ailes, Over and Out, is definitely the kind of guy you would want to have a couple of drinks with. At least I would. But he’s never asked.


The proprietor of Seeing the Forest is writing about events in Venezuela and making me feel really guilty about not keeping up on all that. I hope he sticks with the subject.

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