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Monday, December 23, 2002  

A Few Quick Comments to Fellow Bloggers

Rather than relying on the dubious completeness of my e-mail address book, I thought I would post a few notes to my fellow bloggers here.

E-mail Addresses: If I can resolve certain technical glitches I am experiencing at the moment, I expect to change my e-mail address soon and will alert you to that change on the site and in a message to as many active bloggers as are currently in my address book. In preparation for doing so, it struck me to ask that if you change your e-mail address, drop me a line to let me know so that I can keep my files up to date. I can’t say enough positive things about I highly recommend other bloggers adopt its technology or something similar. Blogrolling provides a great service to your readers, enabling them to see which sites on the blogroll recently have been updated. It is simple to set up, integrate, and update, and I say that as one who is somewhat technically impaired.

Site Retirement: In the unfortunate event that you decide to retire from blogging, please let me know. The blogroll, published in the sidebar in the right-hand column of this page, already is longer than I ever expected it would be. Although I haven’t sent a firm upper limit on the number of links that list may include, deleting retired blogs from that collection would create space for links to other bloggers.

New Blog Recommendations: I welcome suggestions for links to bloggers, both to established sites that I may have overlooked or to those who are just getting started. The authors or proprietors of such sites should not feel shy about directing me to their own blogs. Normally I will spend a few weeks looking at a blog on a prospective basis in order to avoid certain missteps I have made in the past, namely, linking to bloggers of dubious personal integrity and questionable mental stability.

Notable Posts: I welcome e-mail from bloggers who wish to draw my attention to particularly significant posts at their sites, though I cannot promise to note each piece or to acknowledge each e-mail received. Please avail yourself of this invitation judiciously.

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