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Monday, December 02, 2002  

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Take a Walk on the Lighter Side

Modesty, ahem, prevents me from regularly drawing readers’ attention to |||trr|||, my other weblog, known offhandedly as “The Lighter Side of The Rittenhouse Review,” as if there were any other.

Lately, however, I have been spending more time working on the site, for too long my overlooked stepchild. If you care to, stop by |||trr||| for a quick look at the recent posts there, including: “100 Things I’ve Never Done,” “Despair in the Streets of La Páz,” “Misguided Mass Mailings,” “Warm Summer + Early Snowfall = Drunken Moose,” “A New Definition of Joy,” “And You Laughed at Me?,” “Five Gastronomic Disasters That Explain Why I Will Never Understand the South,” “Making -- and Paddling -- Butter,” “The Ingredients May Surprise You,” “I Really Need to Cook More,” “Whoops! Wrong Number!” and “Life and Death and Bonsai.”

And in the continuing series, “Philadelphia: Love It or Hate It (The Best and Worst of the City of Brotherly Love Arranged in Thoroughly Random and Unrelated Pairings)”: Longwood Gardens and the Subway System; Easy Shopping and Missing Street Signs; The PSFS Building and Litter; and Quaint Alleys and Places That Don’t Deliver.


Or hate.

I don’t really care.

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