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Saturday, January 04, 2003  

Blogging Smart and Simple


Michael Finley has published an interesting essay about fathers, sons, and growing up Catholic that hit pretty close to home.


Jeanne d'Arc of Body & Soul writes intelligently (Yes, I realize I'm being redundant.) about Barbie and the aspirations of young girls: "As long as there have been Barbies, those dolls have led more interesting, heroic lives, and shaped girls' values in more eccentric ways, than most people realize."


Skippy has a few words worth reading about conservatives, liberals, and talk radio.


Yuval Rubinstein of Groupthink Central is back and blogging.


Watchful Babbler, one of the very best conservative bloggers, is back and writing at his site, Doxagora, and for HorowitzWatch.


If Kevin Drum of CalPundit isn't an accountant, he might as well be.



The Virgin Ben has issues, so to speak, with the Pope's opposition the U.S. and Britain waging war on Iraq: "Pacifism seems to be a running gag at the Vatican," the bepimpled 18-year-old pipsqueak says, as if it were all some kind of joke.

"What ever happened to moral backbone?", he further asks.

You're looking at it, you stupid dork.


The Virgin Ben also apparently has never had a really great Saturday night, at least none so great as to spark the old, but now abandoned, preventive cure known as "Tylenol before passing out."


The Virgin Ben is "not a cursing man." Big surprise . . . on both counts.

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