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Tuesday, January 21, 2003  

We Must Pray For All of Our Soldiers

I can forgive Jay Caruso of the Daily Rant for not understanding the meaning of the term “bleeding dick.”

I came up with that term myself earlier today as a response to the all-too-typical conservative “insult” of “bleeding heart.” However, I recognize that I may not be the first to claim this phrase as my own, and would be surprised to learn that I am the first to use it. If someone else derived this term -- “bleeding dick” -- before me, I would be happy to assign credit accordingly.

Jay’s reminder, and that’s really the only word for it since I should have known better, that his nephew Russell is being sent to Kuwait is cause on my part for considerable embarrassment -- and respect, admiration, and prayers for said nephew. (And Jay, through Jane Finch should know that sentiment, about prayer and stuff, is heartfelt.)

I oppose a unilateral and preemptive war on Iraq, but I hope and pray that not one life -- and I’m not ashamed to say, even more so, not one American life -- is lost is this misguided endeavor.

Regardless, those who treat the prospect of war upon Iraq so lightly ought to be more careful to avoid the flippant language that earns ignorant kudos from the brain-dead right.

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