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Wednesday, January 08, 2003  

Time for a Little Cocooning

MATTERS FOREIGN & DOMESTIC:The tag line for this site used to be “A Review of Foreign Policy, Finance, Ethics, and Culture,” but I recently swapped in “Politics” in place of “Foreign Policy,” for the fairly obvious reason that I have devoted less time, space, and attention to matters overseas than I previously had anticipated. I’m not abandoning the material, but for now I’m content to read the likes of Sean-Paul Kelley at The Agonist.


SCOOBIE’S SAVAGERY: Scoobie Davis is all over the latest freak talk-radio phenom, Michael Savage. I have to hand it to Davis for even being able to listen to those programs. Whenever I try that I feel like a stranger in my own country. (Note to self: Watch e-mail in-box for rabid and illiterate accusations of red-state -- Or is it blue-state? I always mix them up. -- liberal elitism.)


THERE’S STILL TIME FOR A MAKE-UP EXAM: I should have linked to this last week, but in case you missed it, Mad Kane has the Dubya Quote Quiz to test your knowledge of our linguistically challenged president.


DON’T JUST COMPLAIN, CALL YOUR REPORTER: Take Back the Media tells you how to contact your friendly neighborhood media whores. (Via Atrios.)


IS SLATE PUTTING US ON?: I knew there was a reason I stopped reading Slate a while back -- besides the furrowed-brow-and-welfare-mothers-obsessed Mickey Kaus, that is. David Ehrenstein reminds me what it was: sloppy editorial controls in the post-Michael Kinsley era.

Vanessa Gatsch of Plucky Punk’s Happy Land also takes Slate out to the woodshed for some well-deserved slapping around.


BLOGROLLING NOT ROLLING: I have no idea what’s been going on with, the service I use to maintain the blogroll published in the sidebar at right. It worked flawlessly for weeks and now suddenly it has become unreliable.

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