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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Listen. Learn. Take Notes.

GET THAT LITTLE GUY A MAP!: Dan Gelfand of Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics shoots at a couple of fish in a barrel and proves Mickey Kaus is even dumber than he looks.


INCOME? YOU CALL THIS INCOME?: We are fast approaching what Larry Kudlow (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) -- “I’m not an economist but I play one on cable!” -- must surely think is heaven on earth.

As No More Mr. Nice Blog points out, the Republican Party’s long-held dogma -- that funds arriving in tasteful envelopes from U.S. Trust Co. aren’t really income at all -- may soon become law of the land.


FLUSH IT!: Amy Carlton of RubberNun offers what may be the ultimate inappropriate-cell-phone-use story, aptly entitled “Hang Up and Pee!”


GREEN WITH ENVY: Belated congratulations are in order for Hesiod of Counterspin Central, recently named “Most Annoying Blogger” in the First Annual Warblogger Awards bestowed by something called “Right Wing News” during a ceremony that I understand was held in Andrew Sullivan’s “spiritual alcove.” (Snicker!)

Atrios of Eschaton tied for second place. (Thank God. You know, he can’t win everything.)


A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED BLOGGER-SLAPPING: For months now I’ve been itching to give the New Criterion’s Roger Kimball a well deserved blogger-slapping. Since Skimble took care of it last week (“The Tragic Story of a Disappointed Republican Poetry Fan”), I can move that project to the back burner. Thanks, pal.


BY THE WAY: Is it just me or do others sense a sudden burst of renewed energy and enthusiasm among center-to-left political bloggers? I hope I’m right.

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