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Friday, February 28, 2003  

The Really Kool Kidz Is Doin' It For Themselves

Jeanne d'Arc of Body and Soul has the goods on Fred Rogers, parenting, and making me cry and stuff.

Lisa English of Ruminate This has the goods on getting the goods.

Brooke Shelby Biggs of the Bitter Shack of Resentment has the goods on Brave Hearts, Rebel Spirits. That's her new book. Pre-order it now.

Max Sawicky has the goods on the complete and utter non-controversy about Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) that I'm-Not-a-Blogger-Unless-You-Invite-Me-To-Your-Panel-Discussion-and-I-Don't-Read-Blogs-Anyway Joshua Marshall (and Atrios, of all people) tried to get going this week.

BuzzFlash has the goods on Ari Fleischer. (Via Kim Osterwalder's Free Pie, which, as the name implies, always has the goods.)

Michelangelo Signorile (a quasi blogger, see has the goods on sportswriters' homophobia.

Rob Humenik of Get Donkey! has the (apparent) goods on the Houston Chronicle having dropped Paul Krugman. What's up with that?

Anne Zook of Peevish has the goods, the good kind of goods, on Molly Ivins.

Andrew Northrup of the Poor Man has the goods, which in his case, is not good, on going on hiatus. (Damn! And Andrew Edwards of Sketch is making off with the goods, too.)

Tarek of the Liquid List has the goods on the Dr. Strangelove-like editorialists at the Washington Post.

Elton Beard of Busy Busy Busy has the goods on "calumnyst" Michael Kelly.

Alex Frantz of Public Nuisance has the goods on the free ride the Bush family is getting from the media.

Robert Byrd of Byrd's Brain has the goods on our country's total detachment from the war we are about to wage upon Iraq.

Steve of No More Mister Nice Blog has the goods on Michael Savage.

Emma of Late Night Thoughts has the goods on blogger Jay Caruso. And, for the most part, I think she's right.

Gaythwaite of, well, Gaythwaite, has the goods on "supporting our troops."

The Watchful Babbler of Doxagora has the goods on George Will's ignorance of the Constitution.

Vaara of Silt has the goods on the Department of Homeland Security.

BlissPuppet has the goods on Scripting News, which Geppetto calls "the oldest blog continuously in operation (or one of them)." I first heard of Scripting News earlier this week. I really do miss a lot.

Hesiod of Counterspin Central has the goods on the right-wing's "I hate public school teachers" campaign.

Drew of So Far, So Left has the goods on Gov. Howard Dean (D-Vt.), but he's being nice about it, so it's okay.

Mark of Minute Particulars has the goods on the Pope, September 11, war, and Susan Sontag.

SullyWatch has the goods on Andrew Sullivan's latest cup-rattling. (By the way, Sullivan picked up yet another check from the Washington Times this week, his risible "Weekly Dish" having made its regular appearance on that paper's op-ed page today. Has he no shame whatsoever? None at all? Are condo repairs in Provincetown that pricey?)

Getting back to people with real names, Avedon Carol of The Sideshow has the goods on just about everybody anyone ought to have the goods on.

Roger Ailes has the goods on the Virgin Ben.

Nathan Newman has the goods on the National Budget Simulation project. Yes, kids, you can pretend to be Mitch Daniels! Parental supervision not required.

Mary Beth Williams of WampumBlog has the goods on déjà vu all over again. Again.

Matt Bivens of the Daily Outrage has the goods on the dangers -- And I mean that! -- of one-party rule.

Douglas Anders of The Agora has the goods on cats and laptops. Get a dog, my friend! Better yet, get a Bulldog!

Teresa Nielsen Hayden of Making Light has the goods on, well, I'm not sure what. "I’m neither a millennialist nor a dispensationalist, I consider the pretribulational rapture a deviationist non-scriptural novelty," she writes. Yeah. Me too. What she said.

Kip Manley of Long story; short pier has the goods on his wisdom teeth.

Dwight Meredith of P.L.A.: A Journal of Politics, Law, and Autism -- No ampersand, Barrister Meredith? -- has the goods on the Hall of Fame, located in my old stomping grounds, Cooperstown, N.Y.

Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft has the goods on just about every two-bit prosecutor, Justice Department flunkie, police-state advocate, and Constitution-pisser-on in America. I'll bet there are a lot of creeps out there who are afraid of her. Goods. I mean, good.

Stand Down, the No War Blog, has the goods on the impending 21st Century Crusades.

Morgan Pillsbury of Ruthless People has the goods on John Fund. Big time. (Fund, by the way, is still employed by The Wall Street Journal. He really is. Look here. Didn't wife-beater John Fedders lose his job in the Reagan administration over similar acts of violence? I mean the Reagan administration, that was like a really low bar and everything, wasn't it? I saw a movie about that once. Okay, several times, I admit, but Lindsay Wagner gave the performance of, uh, a lifetime, didn't she?)

Neal Pollack has the goods. Just generally has 'em. All the time. And he'll probably make a dirty joke out of that.

Oh, and Devra of Blue Streak has the goods on me. [Links to her site, from here, anyway, are whacked. If this link doesn't work, or doesn't appear, visit her site and scroll down to February 24. And if that doesn't work, send me an e-mail and I'll fill you in. Someone, something, somewhere, lurking between Devra and me doesn't like her or the name of her web site or something. I don't know. Beats the hell out of me.]

Gee whiz, I'm never doing that again. It seemed like a good idea at the start, but it took forever.

[Post-publication addendum (March 1): My apologies. A friend writes to remind me that in the Norah Vincent spit spirit of "full disclosure" (This is the article in which I take Vincent to task for recklessly and irresponsibly smearing The Rittenhouse Review without having disclosed our online fisticuffs to her editor or her readers, an egregriously unprofessional act for which neither Vincent nor the Los Angeles Times has yet to apologize.), I am obligated to state, once again, for the record, that Michelangelo Signorile, or "Mike," is a friend of mine.]

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