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Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

What the Kooler Kidz are Saying

GOTCHA' LITTLE MICKEY: I really get a kick out of "lowly" bloggers sticking it to, well, "highly" bloggers, as was the case today with Roger Ailes taking little Mickey Kaus to task for the latter's unduly self-satisfied stab at the New York Times.

Kaus's latest snit was sparked by his observation that the Times web site features "sponsored links" to sites that promote the diet drug and ersatz amphetamine ephedra and vacations packages for the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Ga., while at the same time the paper publishes articles and editorials asking (in my opinion, reasonable) questions about the safety and lax regulation of ephedra (Thank you, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), ephedra's best friend in the U.S. Senate!) and the sexist membership policy of the Augusta National Club.

Aside from the fact that Kaus is apparently totally unfamiliar with the term "editorial independence," Ailes quite rightly notes Kaus's enthusiastic -- it must be enthusiastic because he's been upbraided on and off the web for this -- endorsement, indicated by his psychotic blogroll, of the oh-so-noble efforts of the likes of heinous and haggish Lucianne Goldberg, hers the only site specifically mentioned by Ailes, and one to which I would add Kaus's demented blessings upon the similarly heinous and haggish Steve Chapman, Ann Coulter, Peggy "The Loons! The Loons!" Noonan, and Andrew Sullivan.

Good God, Mickey, who's next? Michael Savage?


DOING GOD'S WORK -- ONE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LIE AFTER ANOTHER: On a related note, I like seeing the "woman next door" (that's like an "everyday Joe," only female, and this one's anything but ordinary) proving, without even breaking a sweat, that the latest "news" about the latest "research" on one of the most widely distributed childhood vaccines is full of crap.

M.B. Williams of WampumBlog continues to do God's work here on earth. I trust it's appreciated.


OUR ERRATIC COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: Uggabugga has an informative graphic about the president's erratic experience with the Air National Guard, among much else that is great and good.


BACK FROM THE DEAD -- OR FROM IRRELEVANCY: Gee whiz, I guess I thought maybe Bernadette Devlin was dead or something. It's not as if she's pulling down the headlines lately. Figures John Ashcroft (also known as Attorney General Short Stick) hadn't forgotten about her. Among the bloggers, Lisa English and Max B. Sawicky have the sorry details.


SO SHOOT ME: Kieran Healy's "Public Service Announcement" has been up on his blog for nearly a week. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go read it. I'm the disorganized procrastinator, not you.


THIS IS GETTING PERSONAL: What is it about Atrios (of the blog Eschaton) that gets Jay Caruso of the Daily Rant so riled up? (And when will Jane Finch insist upon equal billing, at the very least within that blog's URL?)


GET BACK HERE!: Damn it! TBogg has left the building. Get back here and start blogging!


[Note: If you "get" the headline to this post, let me know. I'd appreciate it.]

[Post-publication addendum (February 26): Many readers, more than I expected, understood the headline of this post to be the Latin present-tense conjugation of the verb blogare, to blog. What surprised me, maybe a little bit, was that none suggested the assumed form of the infinitive should be bloggare, which would have resulted in the conjugation: bloggo, bloggas, bloggat, bloggamus, bloggatis, bloggant. I debated this with myself for a time yesterday and in the end opted for the single-g form. Now I have my doubts. I assume there is a solid justification for one form or the other; I just don't know what it would be.]

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